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Providing our Customers with custom-made solutions in a professional, efficient and innovative way.


Dotcom wants to be a leader of providing the high quality telecomunication services. We also want to become one of the most recognizable IT security companies on Polish market that works professionally and responsively. Our main goal is to prepare solutions based on Customers' needs to make their networks and data perfectly secure. Dotcom wants to be a Partner that helps companies to work in an efficient way, using the most advanced technologies and solutions.


QUALITY – 100% fullfillment of our obligations to Customers

RESPONSIVENESS – treating each customer individually; we determine all the means, technologies, methods and procedures that are necessary to meet Customer's needs

OPENNESS - finding new possibilities and business areas; listening to and learning from our Customers and Partners to create new solutions based on their needs and experience

PROFESSIONALISM – high qualifications of our team of engineers; all our employees constantly improve their skills and qualifications

DEVELOPMENT – constant search for new products and services, testing new solutions, implementing pilot installations

INNER CONTROL – all members of the team require demand from themselves more than the Customer demands from them

Our employees and managers believe that Dotcom brand obliges.


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